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A healthy amount of stress says that you care about the situation at hand. Sometimes it can help you focus.

Unfortunately, when  your stress level becomes too high, anxiety takes control of your thoughts, your physical health, and becomes a significant obstacle in your daily functioning.

Whether anxiety affects your physical health, your ability to function in school or work, your relationships or your effectiveness as a parent – we can help.

We work with cognitive therapies mindfully applied, and help you develop individualized tools and strategies for you and your family.

Give  us a call today to get started.

Shift your thoughts, improve your health and effectively move through your day!

East Bay Center for Anxiety Relief and Prevention

Relief for the entire family

A calmer mind for a more peaceful heart

Our Clients Say...

  • Her cognitive behavioral approach really motivates you into action and gives you the tools to heal yourself and your life. Don't hold back, Elizabeth can handle anything. Your life can be much better. She'll show you how. -- Juliana C., Oakland
  • Since working with you, I have learned to use two great tools to help me make important and sound decisions in my life to move forward. I wish I had known about these tools in the past when I felt stuck. I no longer feel this way and able to move pass the obstacles. You have changed my life. Thank you. -- N.F., Alameda
  • We love Elizabeth. She is very understanding of the issues. She works well with teenagers, and knows how to approach him. -- A.C., Alameda