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This is a stressful time

When stress levels become high, anxiety can take control of our thoughts,
our physical health, and even become an obstacle in our daily lives.

If anxiety is affecting your physical health, your ability to function at school or work,
your relationships, or your effectiveness as a parent – we can help.

Our counselors will work with you to help you manage your thoughts,
improve your health, have better relationships, and move effectively through your day.

We help you feel better.

Our Clients Say...

  • Since working with you, I have learned to use two great tools to help me make important and sound decisions in my life to move forward. I wish I had known about these tools in the past when I felt stuck. I no longer feel this way and able to move pass the obstacles. You have changed my life. Thank you.
    N F, Alameda
  • We love Elizabeth. She is very understanding of the issues. She works well with teenagers, and knows how to approach them.
    A C, Alameda
  • If anything comes up again where I needed some extra assistance, I won't hesitate to head right back to Elizabeth's office.
    Michelle R, Chatsworth
  • Throw your issues at Elizabeth with reckless abandon, she'll take it in stride. :)
    Spooky R, Alameda
  • Her cognitive behavioral approach really motivates you into action and gives you the tools to heal yourself and your life. Don't hold back, Elizabeth can handle anything. Your life can be much better. She'll show you how.
    Juliana C, Oakland
  • Elizabeth Dandenell goes way beyond the "call of duty" when it comes to her work as a therapist. She really is a specialist at working with individuals where clear/ "textbook" diagnoses are not always apparent, and where "a cookie-cutter" approach to treatment simply is not going to work.
    J. Canderlia, Alameda
  • Elizabeth is an incredible counselor. My husband and I started couples therapy with her a few years ago, and we presently enjoy a very happy, stable, honest, trusting and loving relationship - so much so that we are cutting back on our sessions in preparation for ending them altogether.
    Macky B, Alameda
  • Elizabeth doesn't want you to be in therapy forever. She will listen to you, help you process how you arrived in this place and work with you to attain the coping skills you need to move forward. Elizabeth is action-oriented which is the quality I appreciated most about her. Working with her gave me hope and taught me the crucial coping skills I needed.
    Ashley W, Oakland
  • I am finding my confidence again and most importantly, the ability to calm my racing thoughts in the face of adversity and stress at my job.
    Laurie B, Alameda
  • Elizabeth helped me through the crisis and her advice kept me grounded. She is welcoming, warm and supportive. Elizabeth listens patiently and is straightforward, which I appreciate immensely. I found the tools and methods and approach she uses to be very helpful.
    J S, Oakland